How To Organise Your Home with Baskets

Natural jute laundry basket used to organise in bathroom

The beginning of the year is such a great time to get organised and prepare for the year ahead. For some people, it is time to get ready for a new school year, for others it’s a ripe time to clear out cupboards, move unwanted items on and rearrange a little to start things off on a fresh note. Whatever your motivation, using baskets to store, organise and tidy your belongings in each room is a clever approach, because handmade baskets are both practical and easy on the eye.

We’ve added a few new baskets to our collection during the past few months, so have put together some handy tips on how to best use them and other favourites from the collection as you set about rearranging, restyling and getting things into order. From storing children’s toys to paperwork to clothing and cushions, here are a few practical suggestions to how to use these new baskets to help you on your way.

Small jute baskets used to hold paperwork or office supplies

A good basket to store children’s homework or picture books and home office supplies

Piles of paper, folders and notebooks fit neatly into the Sona Rectangle Basket - Large, as do small electronic devices like iPads, other tablets and small laptop computers. If pen and paper are your thing, this basket will also hold your daily to-do list and diary, along with any paperwork that needs tending to.

Because it is best to keep these items in easy reach, we recommend storing them together in one basket that will sit neatly on the corner of your desk, shelves or at the end of a kitchen counter. If you are catering to the needs of a few people in your household or office, why not devote one to each person? This is a simple way to keep things in check and quickly tidy away at the end of the day.

Wardrobe Prettiness: I have ordered a few different styles of these baskets now, for various purposes, and keep coming back for more. Practical, versatile and pretty to look at in my walk-in wardrobes. I have even purchased as gifts for friends because they comment on the quality and how good they look.

~ Kerryne, Sona Rectangle Basket - Large ~
Small jute baskets used on bathroom shelves to hold toilettries or toilet rolls.

A good basket for your bathroom or wardrobe shelves

The Sona Square Basket works particularly well on open shelves or sideboards positioned in entryways, children’s rooms and wardrobes. We’re thinking about groupings of objects, like toilet roll stacks, rolled towels, toiletries, scarves and small soft toys.

The size and appearance of the Sona Square Basket also lend itself well to multiple baskets in one area, with some of our customers now enjoying them lined up neatly in the bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

Wonderful Bathroom Storage: I ordered six of these baskets to fill some space under the vanity in both my bathrooms. I used to have packets of toilet paper under there and it bothered me every time that I could see it and it looked messy. I already owned other Dharma Door baskets so I knew they’d be excellent quality. When I received my order I was still blown away at how beautiful they are… I am so happy to see them when I walk into my bathrooms, they add soft elements to a space filled with cold surfaces. A worthwhile investment for more storage!

~ Katie Shew, Sona Rectangle Basket - Large ~
Two small jute baskets stored under bathroom sink and on bathroom counter tops

A good basket for your kitchen counter, dresser and home workspace

Cooking utensils, toiletries, office supplies and small toys will find an attractive home in the new Small Sona Square Basket Duo. Since we introduced this set recently we have also enjoyed seeing them in use to store children’s hair ties and brushes. The Woven Pot Duo will also work well for this purpose.

The lovely texture and handy shape of these baskets will help to style clean and white spaces, adding a warm and relaxed touch to some of your home’s most well-used spaces. Arrange them together or scatter them throughout the house as your needs change - the quality of their workmanship is sure to see many uses throughout their time in your home.

Beautiful Storage Baskets: I bought these baskets to sit in the open bottom shelf in my bedside tables, they look so beautiful and are a perfect fit. Great quality as well.

~ Sam, Sona Rectangle Basket - Large ~
Large jute laundry baskets used in laundry and bathroom

Good baskets for your laundry and bathroom 

New to The Dharma Door, the Jamina and Laina Laundry Baskets will bring an instant decorative touch to your home. The most obvious use for these baskets is to store worn clothes in your bathroom, ensuite or laundry. Their woven texture instantly adds a soft, decorative touch to otherwise hard surfaces in these rooms - a great final touch to add to a newly renovated space.

The Laina and Jamina baskets will work equally well to store your family’s swimwear and beach towels when they are dry and ready to store. And don’t forget displaying indoor greenery - these tall baskets will help to make your favourite indoor plant a focal point. As with our Seafarer Laundry Basket - Natural and Boda Baskets, they have been carefully woven and lined to protect the delicate nature of their contents.

Great Laundry Basket: I am very pleased with the quality and size of the Boda Basket. The lining provides an extra touch of sophistication to the design. It’s been perfect for my bathroom laundry and/or in the bedroom. Stands up straight and doesn’t slouch. Recommend this purchase!

~ Becky, Boda Basket ~
Medium jute baskets used in bedroom to store cushions and throws

Good baskets for children’s toys, cushions, throws and shoes

Last – but by no means, least – are children’s toys. Whilst it is important for easy play to keep things at eye level, it is easy for these items to quickly contribute to a feeling of disarray. Using storage baskets in a variety of sizes is a great way to quickly tidy. This approach also makes it easy to teach your little ones how to take care of their space. By grouping like toys together, the size of basket will become obvious - we particularly recommend the Seafarer Basket in Large and Small sizes for large soft toys, dress ups and larger items like cars and trucks.

These two baskets will work equally well in your lounge room to tidy cushions and throws, also coming in handy for shoes in your entry or wardrobe.

A Wonderful Toybox: I use my basket for my granddaughters toy collection. It is not too high sided so it is perfect for her to reach into and pick out which toy she wants to play with next. I love it!

~ Caroline - Seafarer Basket - Large ~



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