How to style your home with Jute Baskets

November 04, 2019

How to style your home with Jute Baskets


All The Dharma Door’s jute baskets are handmade by fair trade artisans in remote, rural communities of Bangladesh and India. The stunningly detailed pieces we carry are supporting communities in developing countries by empowering them out of the cycle of poverty. 

The natural jute basket in your bedroom has helped bring consistent employment and financial security to many families - so welcome to the community, and thank you.

Sustainably sourced and ethically manufactured, jute baskets are the perfect piece your home has been missing.

If we were to grant jute baskets a category name, we’d call themTimeless Multitaskers: decorative and great storage options that maybe even your classy great aunt had around her living room. You want them, trust us. 

There are so many options when it comes to baskets, but if you’re anything like us, we are loving the look of natural jute baskets. Whether you’ve snatched up a couple of our  Seafarer Baskets, a  Sona Rectangle Basket, or a  Small Jute Basket set or two, the styling options are endless! 

The Office

Need to spruce up the look of your office? Need a place for all those stationary items to look chic and organized? Look no further: our  Trio of Round Baskets mixed with our  Small Jute Basket set makes for the perfect, in-style solution. Multi-sized but still small enough not to make your office feel cluttered, these baskets will add a clean, natural aesthetic. 

The Bathroom

Keep all of your essential accessories and toiletries organised with a few  Sona Round Baskets with lids, and keep towels and toilet paper displayed in a tasteful manner in a  Large Sona Rectangle Basket. We especially love the Sona Round Baskets with their convenient lid because items are super contained if we’re met with a morning rush!

How about a place for the laundry?  Cue our  Large Striped Jute Basket . Large sturdy handles can hold the heaviest piles of fresh laundry. 

And dirty laundry?  Check out our  Striped Jute Laundry Basket to match. Just like its matching basket, it has super sturdy handles - perfect for when you’ve left the laundry a couple of days too long. Natural, textured, and unique - people will be asking you where you found this duo, and next thing you know, you’ll be welcoming people into your laundry room (and psst, you can use this basket as a plant holder too).



The Kitchen and Dining

The kitchen is a place of busy-ness for many of us; we could all benefit from a bit of stylish storage. We advise: the  Minikin Bowl for fruit (citrus fruit in particular), the  Small Jute Basket in the Tall and Tray sizes for cutlery and other outdoor dinnerware, and Sona  Round Basket with lid for bread rolls and tasty treats for entertaining.  


The Living Room

Great for blankets and pillows near the sofa, or wood near the fireplace, our  Large Jute Basket in Charcoal is the perfect storage option (also available in  Natural). This large and trendy basket holds plenty of books and magazines, too. Might we add that the black colouring is a super crisp accent - effortlessly put together. Did you know that the much-loved charcoal colour is naturally derived from iron rust? 

Elevate the ambiance of the room by using our  Woven Pot Duo with a liner as a home for your plants - welcome tranquility. Perfect size for an indoor palm or a rubber plant. 

The Playroom

Quick, guests are arriving! Need a simple, speedy, organized, aesthetically-pleasing way to keep the tots’ toys at bay? Our  small Seafarer Basket is just what you've been looking for. Line them up, keep them on a shelving unit, speckle them around the room; hello tidy floor! The walls of the Seafarer Basket are tall enough that everything is contained inside.

The Bedroom

There are so many options on how to style your jute basket in the bedroom. Dry flowers in jute baskets are one of the hottest trends right now - lavender looks and smells superb in any of our selection. Easily place your dried flowers in a  Jute Bowl

Love plants? The perfect addition to your bedroom is in the  Woven Pot Duo, we promise a sense of tranquility as you doze off to bed.

Bedside decor is always a good touch: how about our  Natural Minikin Bowl? Perfect for jewelry, watches, and just about anything else - a gentle piece to have nearby.  


Loved our ideas and want to see more of our jute collection? Check out the  rest of our collection here. Happy jute basket decorating!

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