Invite Nature In: How to Add Natural Elements to Your Home Decor

Invite Nature In: How to Add Natural Elements to Your Home Decor

Nature has always been revered for its ability to nurture and protect us. Our natural environment and its endless fascinating forms have long acted as a muse for artists and creatives alike. Now science is proving how spending time in nature helps to reduce modern-day stress and anxiety. Because let’s face it - nature is beautiful.

There’s something intrinsic in nature’s ability to make us feel good. It keeps us relaxed, connected and grounded. For these reasons, The Dharma Door collection is crafted from natural fibres and materials. Instinctively, we also use nature to style and decorate our own homes and photo shoots. Often, a few quality items combined with natural elements is all that is really needed.

And one of the best bits? Nature is an affordable way to decorate your home. It is a simple way to add texture and tone. Dialled up, it is also a striking way to speak your personality. So we’ve put together some of our go-to ways to invite nature into your home and ultimately create a unique sanctuary.

natural home decorIn the garden... and beyond

Fresh bunches of green foliage, branches, seed pods and drying leaves are a beautiful way to add a natural touch to your home. These items can usually be found close by in your garden or surrounding neighbourhood. Further afield, driftwood, shells and smooth stones collected on holidays work well arranged in simple vignettes.

Gathering these items on your morning walk or including the process as a an peaceful part of your weekly clean is a great way to regularly commune with nature. Large fallen palm fronds and flowers work particularly well when combined with a neutral palette, as do olive and grey tones found in Acacia and Gum. A small sprig of something delicate is often a lovely final touch in bathrooms, kitchens or bedside table. 

Mix things up a little: instead of using a traditional vase, arrange your foraged finds in or beside floor baskets such as the Small Jute Basket - Natural, Large Jute Basket - Striped, or Boda Basket collection. We love this look in a lounge room or entryway. For smaller items, a set of nesting items such as the Trio of Round Baskets will do the trick.

woven baskets

Combine with keepsakes

We all have a favourite selection of small keepsakes. Combine these with some of your foraged finds to create decorative arrangements throughout your home that hold special meaning to you.

Sideboards and book shelfs are a great place to combine delicate or small natural objects with photos, artwork, handmade pottery, books and table lamps. Display your collections using small jute baskets such as the Trio of Round Grass Baskets - Low and Small Jute Basket - Natural.

Baskets are a clever way to hide water vessels if your foliage is fresh and add a world of ease when it comes time to dust. The natural, handmade nature of these items make them worthy of these special spots.

Small woven storage basketsOr dial it up - be bold

Natural objects are a great way to amplify texture. So if your preference is for lots of layers and richness, add big, bold plant arrangements to your space along with woven jute baskets, wall hangings and natural fabrics. Alternatively, if you are decorating a more clean and contemporary space, a few well-positioned large natural elements are the perfect way to bring a bit of personality and harmony to your interior.

Natural woven storage basketsPro tips: designers and stylists who work with nature

The Dharma Door is fortunate to work with talented space makers around the world. We regularly feature such people on the journal. Here's how some of them work with nature to create stunning projects for clients and popular holiday abodes. 

'Adding nature to my home is a constant, I love collecting found objects be it a leaf, a feather or even a fallen seed pod, I love displaying these at home and have quite the collection.'   


'Plants soften a space, as do lovely linens and natural fibres. Stick to those natural elements and everything feels relaxed and effortless.’   


'If a space feels too stark we will bring in some natural elements to soften it... Build what you love. Don’t worry about what is on trend - fill your home with things that make you happy.'   


'To me less is more. Working with natural elements is my go to. It doesn't feel overpowering nor does it lack feeling… Find your go-to thing and surround yourself in it. It is that thing that when you see it, it makes you smile & feel good. For me it is palm trees, for others it could be a colour, a type of material, and object. Once you know what it is, inject it into your space.'   




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