Styling Your Home With Natural Home Decor

Natural home decor with clay beads in a wooden bowl

Looking for a quick and easy way to add texture and character to your home decor? Maybe you have invested in significant renovations and furniture items and are now ready to tie everything together? Or perhaps you are generally happy with how things are working in your space, but just need a fresh injection of something new to keep things interesting.

This is where natural decorative objects really come into play. Small and subtle elements like handmade natural clay beads, woven tassels and decorative brooms are a great way to add natural texture, interest and warm tones to your home styling.

These items can be used in a myriad of ways, often adding a final touch that brings a space to life. The sky's the limit with this fun and flexible collection - here’s some advantages to including them in your decorating mix, along with a few suggestions to get the inspiration flowing.

Natural decor

They add interest and texture to a neutral interior colour palette

Small decorative objects that are crafted from natural fibres and materials tie together a neutral colour palette. Often variegated by nature, they carry their own subtle mix of natural colours and tones. That’s why they work really well with other natural elements in the room - from soft linen, cotton and sheer drapery to more sturdy elements like wood, stone and whitewashed or rendered surfaces.

Using these items helps to add layers of texture and tone, which ultimately makes for a richer space, without things feeling too fussy or cluttered.

Natural Decorating Tip:

Style strands of Clay Beads on a stack of books or in a small dish on the coffee table; hang them solo or with other eclectic objects on an interesting hook or coat rail; place them as adornment on a bookshelf with other natural elements of keepsakes like photos, flowers and small artworks; and arrange them in larger vessels such as baskets and wooden bowls alongside some of your other foraged finds.

Natural decorations

Handmade elements add character and personality to a space

Decorative tassels, garlands and beads have been handcrafted - from start to finish - using a variety of traditional and contemporary craft techniques. Each one is therefore unique, bearing the mark of its maker and echoing both artisanal and cultural sentiments.

The handmade nature of each item conveys a distinct personality - much like an artwork or a hand-turned piece of woodwork or a ceramic vessel. Use these items to spark interest and tell a story about you and your travels.

Natural Decorating Tip:

Amtali Tassels are wonderful for both decorative or utilitarian purposes. Use them to tie back natural or sheer curtains; hang them from a hook or doorknob; and pair them with other natural garlands of beads, seeds and shells to create your own bold statement piece at the end of the hallway or entry.

Natural home decor featuring handmade tassels and a heavy wooden door.

Earthy and natural home decor pieces help us feel good

It’s no secret that nature helps us to feel at peace. By bringing natural and earthy elements into our home decor, we can evoke some of the feeling we get when spending time outdoors and make our environment feel a little more welcoming and nourishing in the process.

Decorative items crafted from natural fibres like jute, palm leaves and twisted pathi grass and hand-rolled clay can help create a relaxed or grounded vibe. They also work particularly well to soften hard surfaces like concrete, tiles, bench tops and marble.


Natural home decor featuring small jute baskets and natural clay beads.

Natural decor items are a simple touch that can be easily adapted and used in other ways

Adaptability is the name of the game with this collection. You might like to rearrange your shelves each week, along with some fresh flowers and a book you are currently enjoying. Or group these elements with a bunch of fresh foliage for a special occasion or if you need a little pick-me-up.

You might be more inclined to shift things seasonally - it always feels good to switch things up as either cooler or warmer months approach and you consider how these items will work with your other decorative pieces such as cushions, rugs and throws. We love grouping these objects in different ways throughout the year.

Natural Decorating Tip:

Woven Flower Garlands are crafted from natural jute fibres and add a touch of texture and festivity to a room. Hang them around a window; pair them with some fairy lights; group them on the walls; or string garlands from trees for a stunning summer party.

Natural home decor featuring woven flower gardlands crated from jute.

Sustainable, Fair Trade home decor items are good for people and planet

With so many decorating options available, it is healthy to choose items that have considered both people and planet in their design and making. These selections feel better in our homes and often provide a talking point for guests. It is comforting to know the story behind their making adding layers of both meaning and style to our homes.

The Dharma Door collection is handmade by Fair Trade artisans using natural materials. Our goal is to empower these women out of the cycle of poverty by using their exisiting skills and readily available materials - a gentle approach that works at each step of the process.





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