Tidy Your Home with Style in 5 Minutes Using Jute Baskets

Tidy Your Home with Style in 5 Minutes Using Jute Baskets

Keeping your home tidy can clear your mind and help to maintain a sense of calm and order. Place a basket in every room as part of a quick and easy routine to tidy your home in just five minutes - and add a decorative touch to each living space along the way.

Home life can be busy and the simple act of living creates a spread of belongings in no time. Children’s toys, clothing, books and more utilitarian items like TV remotes and devices can quickly overtake an otherwise harmonious space; developing an easy approach to keeping these items in check is a good way to restore a sense of balance to your home.

To begin, position a beautiful basket in every room. This sets things up for a regular declutter. By placing baskets throughout the house – by the bed, under the coffee table, in your children’s rooms – they stand ready for you to gather and store scattered items as needed. Return at a later time to sort these items or make this process part of your regular clean. Until then, these spots serve as the obvious location for others in the household to also help tidy and find their belongings.

Try this simple tidying tip by storing baskets in the following household nooks.

natural baskets

By the bedside

Extra cushions and throws or a selection of books and magazines currently on your reading list can be kept within easy reach in a large basket by your bed. This makes things easy when you are making your bed and getting ready for your day and also makes sure these items are kept off the floor during the night.

If you have little visitors in the morning a round, low basket is the perfect place to store children's books and toys. A quick tidy will keep them ready for the next day; rotate the contents regularly to keep things fun. 

Small baskets are also a quick-tidy option for jewellery, hand lotion and phones. Small enough for the bedside table, these woven baskets can add a subtle, decorative touch to your room of rest. The Minikin Bowl - Natural is one of our go-to baskets for this purpose, while the Large Natural Basket in Natural or Charcoal works well for larger items.

jute baskets

Corner of a couch or coffee table

One of the most popular spots to read, relax and enjoy watching often needs a couple of quick tidy options to hold spare cushions and throws, magazines, toys and shawls. 

Large baskets like the Large Round Jute Basket sit well alongside a comfy couch or armchair. Or if you have a coffee table and prefer things out of view, nestle a lower basket like the Seafarer Basket - Small under your coffee table.

For smaller items such as remote controls, we recommend keeping baskets like the Trio of Round Baskets or Trio of Round Jute Baskets - Low as a permanent fixture on your coffee or side table. A grouping of these decorative baskets can straddle both functional and decorative items: think tech-related objects displayed alongside your favourite natural mementos to keep everything appealing and in balance.

Storage baskets for bedrooms

Group baskets for easy fun in children's rooms

Sorting your children's toys, dress up items and books in a variety of baskets is a great way to enable them to see what is on offer. This approach enables everyone to quickly gather and group them back together as needed - often multiple times throughout the day! 

By having toys out and on display, it is easy for friends and visitors to jump in and start to play. Groupings of baskets are also a logical way to teach children how to tidy and look after their treasure.

Larger baskets like the Jute Laundry Basket in Natural, Charcoal or Striped are great for holding dress ups and soft toys, while a lower basket like the Short Round Jute Basket or Sona Basketis good for an assortment of books and smaller toys. 

woven basket

Organise kitchen utensils, shelves and benches

Well known as the hub of the home, your kitchen needs to be both practical and enjoyable to spend time in. Baskets of different heights and sizes can be used to group your go-to kitchen tools; dishwashing utensils can be stored by the sink in a way that is pleasing to the eye; and your kitchen shelves can hold woven placemat and coaster sets - ready to grab at a moment's notice.

Your weekly fruit bowl can double as a decorative touch by using a woven basket of the appropriate size. Bags of citrus, vegetables and even a jar of fresh herbs in water can make a house feel like a home using baskets like the Minikin Bowl and Small Jute Baskets - Natural.

Kitchen storage

Organise home office and homework corners

Tidy space, tidy mind. A clean, clear workspace provides valuable headspace and in turn, better workflow. Store a daily notebook, pen and small electronic device in the Small Jute Basket - Tray or Sona Rectangular Basket - Large.Tidied away at the end of your work day, these baskets add a textural touch to otherwise hard work surfaces and keep things organised and ready for you to come back to. 

The Small Jute Basket - Natural is great for storing journals, resource material and inspiring books that you would like to keep close at hand. If children are using the space for school or home work, these baskets will keep everyone's items seperate and guide children to take care of their own projects. For tools, pens and pencils, the Small Jute Basket - Tall works wonders on its own, or in groupings of two of three. 

Home office and craft room storage

Keep projects on your to do list close by

Sometimes 'special projects' like reframing photos and artwork or handicrafts can take a little while to get to. Storing these items in a cupboard can mean that they are forgotten. A good work around is to display them in a handmade basket like the Small Jute Basket - Natural. Placed in your craft room, kitchen or workspace, they serve as a gentle reminder that is also easy on the eye.

boho decor

Welcoming entryways that make it easy to get up and go

And last but not least, woven storage baskets are a great way to make a first impression in the entry to your home. Use them in combination with hooks, sideboard or stool to store and display hats, shoes, boots, scarves and bags. Keep your outdoor clothing ready to go and add a touch of personality in the process!  An entryway is also a great spot to invite nature in. Woven baskets like the Woven Pot Duo are an inviting way to decorate your favourite indoor plants.

Happy tidying!



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August 24, 2020

Baskets – this is such a simple way of tidying yet so easy and practical, thank you so much for the tip xxx

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