Round Rush Mat - Natural

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The Round Rush Mat is perfect to anchor a space with natural texture and creates an organic look and feel. At 250cms, this circular rug is ideal for bringing a new textural dimension and warmth to a living room, dining area or bedroom.

Surprisingly soft underfoot, the Round Rush Mat is the ideal solution for any home or hospitality setting. The neutral brown tone lends itself to being the hero piece in an all-white space or for layering similar textures and natural colours. Bulrush fibres are strong and durable, making this mat an ideal option for high traffic areas and a long lasting, functional flooring solution for your home.

This timeless round area rug has been made entirely by hand using sustainably harvested bulrush by artisans in a remote, rural community of Zimbabwe. The women carefully plait rows of natural rush and hand stitch them together using sisal twine which is harvested locally.

  • 250cm diameter
  • - Plaited bulrush fibres
    - The circle is crafted by plaiting rows of rush, which are meticulously hand stitched together with a needle and thread.
  • - Our rugs are crafted entirely by hand with natural rush and special care is required to maintain their beautiful appearance.
    - When you receive your rug, it will temporarily shed a small amount of fibres and this will diminish and/or stop after a short period of use.  It will also settle flat after a few days of use after arriving rolled.
    - We suggest regular vacuuming of both sides of your rug to keep it fresh and free of dirt build-up. Occasionally take your rug outside on a dry day and shake or beat it to dislodge deeper dirt particles that your vacuum may not extract.
    - Blot water-based spills with kitchen paper or an absorbent cloth as soon as possible. Do not rub stains or spills from your rug as this may spread the stain. For oil-based or coloured spills, please consult a specialist natural fibre rug cleaning professional.