Small Jute Basket - Natural (3 sizes)

$due: 31/01/2020##

These Small Jute Baskets can be used over and again; we especially love using them to store kitchen utensils; craft projects and pens; as a wardrobe tidy; or as a special touch for a guest by the bedside. Each one is handmade – from start to finish – by fair trade artisans in remote, rural communities of Bangladesh.

Brimming with natural warmth, character and our trademark textural touch, The Dharma Door's woven baskets are the perfect way to settle both storage and style.

  • Short - 18 x 18cm (base) x 15cm high
    Tall - 15 x 15cm (base) x 20cm high
    Tray - 35 x 20cm (base) x 15cm high

  • Jute plaits & hand weaving
    Hand stitched with jute thread

  • These robust baskets have been crafted to last. Jute changes colour in the sun, so be sure to keep them clear of harsh rays and damp.

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