Care Guide | Bags


Timeless and functional, The Dharma Door collection of bags and totes has been designed to introduce a touch of texture and an elevated casual style to your wardrobe. The neutral tones and classic designs transcend seasons and trends, allowing you to use our bags for many years. Designed in-house, we work with several different artisan groups who practice age-old weaving and natural-dyeing techniques to produce this collection. Each piece is made with a range of raw materials like handspun hemp, handwoven jute and khadi cotton - all intentionally selected to help keep these traditional artisan skills alive. 

Artisanal objects have long been appreciated for their uniqueness. Because our bags have been completely handcrafted and naturally-dyed by Fair Trade artisans in small village communities in Bangladesh, they are one of a kind and reflect the individual weaving style of the artisan who made it. We believe that this is part of the special appeal of handwoven products and hope you will appreciate the individuality of each piece as much as we do.

How to care for your Jute or Hemp Bag

When your bag arrives it will be folded in a satchel or box. We recommend that you unpack your bag and take a little time giving it some attention to help it look like it does in our images. Here are a few tips to help your bag to find it’s shape again and sit beautifully in your home:

  • Your bag is durable and very well made, so don’t be afraid to handle it back into shape. 
  • We suggest you fold any creases back on themselves ie. in the opposite direction to how they’ve been folded. Do this a few times and coax the bag into shape. 
  • For our larger totes you might also choose to stuff the bag with a heavy blanket or towels and leave it 24 hours or overnight to help it find its shape.

You’ve invested in a quality piece and we want to help you to care for it well. Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind so you will be able to enjoy your bag for many years to come:

  • We always choose the highest quality natural fibres for our bags, however natural jute will darken or yellow with too much exposure to the sun and naturally-dyed jute may fade, so be sure to keep it clear of prolonged direct sun exposure. Natural hemp is UV resistant however naturally-dyed hemp may fade.
  • Jute is also prone to mould if it is left damp for prolonged periods, so blot water-based spills with an absorbent cloth or towel as soon as possible and allow your bag to dry thoroughly before using it again. You could also use a hairdryer to reduce the risk of a water mark.
  • If you wish to prevent stains and fading, we suggest prolonging the life of your bag with a fabric protection treatment before you begin to use it. We recommend using a protection spray that is suitable for natural fibres. Some protection sprays also filter UV light to limit yellowing of the jute over time. We recommend MicroSeal as it is specifically formulated to suit natural fibres.