Care & Hanging Guide | Lighting


The Dharma Door pendant lighting collection is designed to make a bold statement in your home. Handwoven from natural Ilala palm, our pendants and wall sconces will add beautiful texture and character to your decor, while casting a warm glow at night.

Our statement-making pendants are ideal as a hero piece above a dining table or kitchen island; or to illuminate a favourite corner of your living room or bedroom. They’re also perfect for adding warmth and personality to a stairwell, double-height space or in an entryway. However you choose to incorporate our woven pendant lights into your interior, they have been crafted to a high standard for you to enjoy in your home for many years to come.

The Dharma Door pendant lighting is handcrafted with natural palm fibres by talented artisans in Zimbabwe. As with all natural fibres and handwoven pieces, there may be minor variations in the colour, thickness and weave. They are one of a kind and reflect the individual weaving style of the artisan who made it. We believe that this is part of the special appeal of handwoven products and hope you will appreciate the individuality of each piece as much as we do.

How to care for your Woven Pendant Light

You’ve invested in a quality piece and we want to help you to care for it well. With a little attention, you will be able to enjoy your woven pendant light for many years to come. Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind:

  • To clean, we suggest you simply vacuum or dust your pendant light with a microfibre cloth or duster regularly.
  • We do not recommend these lights for outdoor use as they may attract mould in damp conditions or change colour with direct sun, however they can be hung in a well covered outdoor area that is not directly impacted by rain or direct sunlight.

How to hang your Woven Pendant Light

Each light has a strong wire frame, a hanging loop at the top of your pendant and a 40mm bulb holder inside the light. Use a licensed electrician to install your pendant light. To hang your pendant light, you or your electrician will need to source:

  • An electrical cable or cord.
  • A lamp/bulb holder for a 40mm hole.
  • A ceiling rose.
  • A light bulb.
  • If you’ve selected one of our heavier lights like the Tonga, you might also need a ceiling hook and a piece of chain or rope to support the weight - have a chat with your electrician about whether this is necessary. 
  • There are many options available and you can always get creative with materials like natural twine or rope, different coloured cotton or linen electrical cable. Take a look at Creative Cables extensive range.
  • And finally, before you decide the length of your cable, double-check to make sure that your beautiful new pendant is well clear of head heights.