Care Guide | Rugs


The Dharma Door collection of floor rugs and runners have been handmade – from start to finish – by Fair Trade artisans. The textural weave and natural jute tones of our rugs will add warmth and character to any room and are neutral enough to sit comfortably in most interior styles. Wherever you choose to use your jute rug, it will enhance your living experience by providing softness underfoot and character to your home.

Our large 2x3m area rugs are perfect for under a dining table, to define a space in a living room or for under a bed. The 240cm x 170cm jute rugs sit well in smaller living rooms, a home office, an entryway or at the foot of a bed. Our 300cm x 80cm floor runners are ideal for kitchens and hallways and our smaller jute mats work beautifully as door mats, in front of a bathroom vanity or beside a bed.

Each handcrafted jute rug and runner in our collection has been designed and made to last. We select the highest quality blonde jute and make sure our artisan partners maintain our quality standards throughout production. This ensures our rugs are durable and will stand the test of time. So wherever you plan to place your rug, it is sure to add purpose, texture and style to your home for many years to come.

Artisanal objects have long been appreciated for their uniqueness. Because our handwoven rugs and runners have been completely handcrafted by Fair Trade artisans in small village communities in Bangladesh, they are one of a kind and reflect the individual weaving style of the artisan who made it. We believe that this is part of the special appeal of handmade products and hope you will appreciate the individuality of each piece as much as we do.

How to care for your Jute Rug or Runner

When your rug or runner arrives it will be rolled and secured with jute string and wrapped in plastic to protect from any damp during sea shipping and wrapped again with hessian. We recommend that you carefully use scissors or a box cutter to unwrap each layer at a time. You can then snip the string and unroll your rug and take a little time giving it some attention to help it look like it does in our images. Here are a few tips to help your rug to find it’s shape again and sit beautifully in your home:

  • Your rug is durable and very well made, so don’t be afraid to handle it back into shape. 
  • Your rug may be slightly curled up at the ends from being rolled. Jute is pliable, so we suggest you roll the ends back on themselves in the opposite direction to how they’ve been rolled. You can also give it a little push or pull to get it into shape. Do this a few times until your rug is sitting nice and flat on your floor.
  • Your rug is entirely crafted by hand and small threads or tufts of jute may be visible. This is part of the handmade process and it’s OK to cut these. 

You’ve invested in a quality piece and we want to help you to care for it well. With a little attention, you will be able to enjoy your Jute Rug or Runner for many years to come. Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind:

  • We strongly advise that you protect your jute rug or runner prior to use. We recommend using a protection spray that is suitable for natural fibres and that filter UV light to limit yellowing of the jute over time. We recommend a product called Fiber ProTector® by MicroSeal as it is specifically formulated to suit natural fibres and will protect your rug from dirt, spills and yellowing.
  • Regular vacuuming of both sides of your rug will keep it fresh and free of dirt build-up. Be gentle - a suction attachment will take better care of your handmade rug or runner than a brush. In addition to vacuuming during your regular clean, it is good to occasionally take your rug outside on a dry, warm day and shake or beat it to dislodge deeper dirt particles that your vacuum may not get to.
  • We always choose the highest quality blonde jute for our rugs however prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will darken the fibres, making them more orange or yellow in appearance. To preserve the beautiful tone of these fibres, it is important to protect them from direct rays wherever possible. 
  • Be sure to tend to your rug as soon as the spill takes place by using a kitchen paper, absorbent cloth or towel. Press firmly on the spot until the spill has seeped through, thereby drawing the moisture out of the rug. Rubbing may spread the stain or loosen the jute fibres, so simply applying pressure using this technique is best. For red wine stains, dab with a white cloth dampened with soda to neutralise the spill and remove any possibility of a stain. Dry immediately with a hairdryer as it is best to not leave your jute rug wet or damp. For oil-based or coloured spills, please consult a specialist rug cleaning professional.