NGO Partners Intro



Working remotely across cultures isn't always clear cut. That's just one of the reasons why The Dharma Door partners with not-for-profit NGOs that operate within artisan communities. 



Motivated to empower people out of the cycle of discrimination and poverty, these groups also support artisans in other powerful ways. Our NGO Partners have been created to support the most disadvantaged and marginalised people in each region, so they identify the needs within a community and develop strategies to assist them to become self-sufficient. We partner with these groups via their economic and women’s empowerment programs. This provides us with the opportunity to work with such skilled artisans.

Our partners employ design, production and field staff to source, store and distribute the raw materials for each order; train artisans in quality, and how to make our designs; and pay artisans when work is complete. By working with groups who truly do have the best interest of the artisans at heart, we know that our contribution is reaching the right place.

This approach means that we are also proudly part of a much bigger picture, that enables the artisans to benefit from a host of other life-changing support.