The Dharma Door natural palm fibre tableware pieces are a beautiful way to introduce woven texture to your table setting. Timeless and functional, style them with natural linen, earthy ceramics and a sprig of foliage for a stylish table setting that will suit most decors and seasons. The baskets that are included with our placemats and coasters serve as a practical vessel for storage in between uses and are also ideal for holding or carrying napkins, cutlery and condiments when entertaining. 

Your palm leaf placemats, coasters or tray has been carefully crafted using natural palm fibres, kaisa grass and an age-old weaving technique. Because our palm leaf tableware has been handmade – from start to finish – by talented Fair Trade artisans in small village communities in Bangladesh, they are one of a kind and reflect the individual weaving style of the artisan who made it. We believe that this is part of the special appeal of handwoven products. Your tableware has been carefully crafted using natural jute fibres and a variety of macrame and weaving techniques and we hope you will appreciate the individuality of your special piece.


You’ve invested in a quality piece and we want to help you to care for it well. With a little attention, you will be able to enjoy your palm leaf tableware for many years to come. Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind:

  • Our handmade placemats, coasters and trays are robust and will withstand condensation however for heavier water-based spills, blot with kitchen paper or an absorbent cloth as soon as possible. Always allow them to dry fully - a few minutes using a hair dryer can help this process along.
  • Do not rub stains or spills from your palm leaf tableware as this may spread the stain. For red wine stains, dab with a white cloth dampened with soda to neutralise the spill and reduce the possibility of leaving a stain. After you’ve tackled the stain, let it dry. If this does not work, try a second time with a mild soap-dampened cloth.
  • Food solids should be gently removed immediately however dirt may be left to dry and then be brushed or vacuumed away. For oil-based or coloured spills, please consult a specialist cleaning professional.
  • Prolonged sunlight and water may alter the colour of palm fibres, so be sure not to leave your palm fibre tableware outside or in a position where it will be exposed to direct sunlight or damp for extended periods.
  • If you choose to add protection to the placemats, coasters or tray prior to use, we recommend using a protection spray that is suitable for natural fibres. We recommend MicroSeal as it is specifically formulated to suit natural fibres.

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