Jumbo Tassel Wall Hanging - Natural

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A favourite for texture lovers, our Jumbo Tassel Wall Hanging will add a touch of raw luxury to any space. This statement-making piece features row upon row of beautiful blonde jute tassels attached to an intricate macrame backing piece.

Whether you are looking to add textural warmth to a freshly renovated or contemporary space, or you are seeking to add wow factor to a bohemian vibe, this jumbo tassel wall hanging is the perfect way to make an impact with handmade style in your home.

Designed by The Dharma Door and handmade by fair trade artisans in a rural community of Bangladesh.


    • 100cm wide x 145cm high / 39.4in wide x 57.1in high
      Hanging rod not included - click on HANGING for more information.
    • Hand woven jute macrame
      Handcrafted jute tassels
    • When you receive your wall hanging it may require a brush with your fingers to smooth the jute fibres where they've been folded while being shipped to you.
      Jute changes colour in the sun, so be sure to keep your wall hanging clear of harsh rays.
      Dark flecks may appear in some of the tassels. This is the outer husk of the jute plant that is generally removed through the retting process however may occasionally appear in the final product.
      To clean, we suggest you vacuum your wall hanging or take it outside on a dry day and shake it to remove dust particles.
    • Here's a journal post with detailed information on how to hang your wall hanging:
      We recommend 20-25mm (1in) diameter, cut to 110cm long (43.5in)
      . Many hardware stores will be able to cut this for you.
      Or you may prefer something better suited to your interior style such as a branch; piece of bamboo; copper or brass rod; or a piece of rope.
      You will require two hooks for each end.
      This wall hanging weighs approximately 4kgs so be sure to use suitable wall plugs and hooks for this weight.

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