Behind the Design: The Wall Hanging Edit

Behind the Design: The Wall Hanging Edit

The power of handwoven wall hangings lies not only in their visual impact but also in their ability to add warmth, dimension and transform the feeling of a room. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these woven pieces tell stories—stories of the artisans' traditions, of materials sourced from the natural world, and the relationship between form and function. Styled in our homes, they reflect the enduring appeal of natural fibres and handwoven artwork that transcends trends and resonates with our yearning for authenticity and cultural connection.

For those drawn to a neutral palette, a natural fibre wall hanging offers a beautiful alternative to conventional artwork, often becoming a talking point in any room. Handwoven natural materials also provide an opportunity to introduce a layer of textural interest, which can be particularly beneficial in newly built homes or spaces with plentiful smooth surfaces. Additionally, each piece is one of a kind, reflecting the distinct weaving style, skill and experience of its creator. This inherent uniqueness adds to the appeal of handwoven pieces, elevating them beyond mere objects. 

This journal post explores our collection of handwoven wall art, delving into the story behind the design, the creation of each piece and the profound impacts they can have on both your space and on the artisans who make them. From time-honoured weaving traditions to the mastery of macramé passed down through generations, and contemporary reinterpretations of age-old crafts, we delve into the layers of significance interwoven into each piece. By understanding the hands and hearts behind these works, we aim to reveal the lasting impression they can leave on the spaces they inhabit, and the transformative potential within each wall hanging in The Dharma Door collection.

Tassel Wall Hanging

With over 500 handcrafted tassels, the statement-making Jumbo Tassel Wall Hanging is a favourite among texture enthusiasts. Designed to enhance the ambience of your space, this piece brings warmth and texture to your home decor, while creating a soft and layered aesthetic. It is perfect for adorning large walls while also contributing to sound absorption and improved acoustics in spaces like a stairwell, hallway, or entryway. For cosier living areas, children's rooms, or narrow walls, the smaller Tassel Wall Hanging adds a unique and playful element. 

The craftswomanship of these wall hangings is evident in the detail and quality of each piece. Artisans begin by finely hand-twisting long lengths of jute twine before meticulously weaving the base piece. Each jute tassel is folded and bound around the top with twine before being tied by hand - one by one, row upon row - to the intricate base piece. Designed in-house, each tassel wall hanging can be personalised by choosing a hanging rod to suit your style. Try brass or copper, an organic foraged branch, or a piece of natural or painted dowel threaded through the macrame hanging loops.  

In keeping with our sustainability commitment, each tassel wall hanging is made with high quality natural blonde jute that has been grown and harvested without chemicals. 25% of the jute is sourced from local farmers, which helps to support the local economy and contributes to improving the quality of life in small rural communities. 

Talented artisans spend approximately two weeks making each Jumbo Tassel wall hanging, working from the verandahs of their homes in small village communities in rural Bangladesh. Macrame is practiced across three generations in this artisan group, so often a couple of women from the same family will work together as they craft each wall hanging. Through a genuine Fair Trade partnership, we ensure these artisans are paid fairly for their time and skills.

Mandala Wall Hanging

Handcrafted with intricate open-weave macramé and natural jute, the Mandala Wall Hanging is a stunning addition to your home interior. This piece effortlessly enhances the texture and warmth of any space while maintaining an understated elegance. Whether adorning a spacious living room wall, adorning a stairwell or entryway, or making a statement above a bedhead, its size commands attention as a stunning focal point.

Alternatively, the Small Mandala is perfect for bringing personality to cosy spaces like nurseries or children's rooms, and smaller rooms or apartments. For a bolder visual impact, consider pairing both the small and large Mandala Wall Hangings together.

Offering a refreshing alternative to conventional artwork, the natural tones of the jute complements most interior palettes. Crafted by the skilled artisans who also create our Tassel Wall Hanging, each piece begins with locally-sourced sustainable jute, hand-twisted with expertise passed down through generations. The meticulous process involves careful weaving from the centre outwards, ensuring each row is precisely measured to maintain the circular shape. Two woven hanging tabs on the back guarantee durability, ensuring your Mandala remains a statement piece in your home for years to come.

The artisan group responsible for crafting the Mandala Wall Hanging received their macramé training in the 1970s from Italian aid workers. This initiative aimed to empower them out of poverty by utilising their inherent skills. Today, these artisans continue to receive support from the same Italians, fostering a genuine partnership built on respect, dignity, and understanding.

Amua & Tala Wall Hanging

A captivating alternative to traditional artwork, the Amua or Tala Wall Hanging brings a unique blend of texture and personality to any space. Whether adorning an entryway console, gracing a bedhead, or placed at the end of a hallway, these pieces are sure to command attention. Crafted from natural palm leaf, they effortlessly fit within a variety of interior styles, while their fringed detail evokes a laid-back tropical or tribal aesthetic.

Crafted by skilled artisans, each wall hanging begins with the meticulous cutting of palm leaves into strips. These strips are then woven into a simple yet traditional pattern reminiscent of the artisans' floor mats. Finer strips of palm leaf are carefully tied row by row to create the characteristic fringed effect. At the heart of this creative process lies a genuine commitment to Fair Trade principles. By designing these pieces, we aim to empower artisans by expanding their skills beyond traditional macrame, ensuring a sustainable future for their craft.

The inspiration behind the Amua and Tala Wall Hangings emerged during our visits to Fair Trade artisan communities in rural Bangladesh. Immersed in the everyday scenes of woven mats underfoot and palm leaf roofs and fences, we were inspired to translate these elements into a distinctive wall decor concept. Our aim was to create pieces that not only bring a touch of natural craftsmanship to your walls but also honour the origins of their makers.

Puspa Wall Hanging

Named after the Bengali word for flower, the Puspa wall hanging is more than just wall art—it's a statement piece designed to draw attention in any room of your home. With its neutral tones, this circular artwork exudes a bold presence, while the natural seagrass adds depth, texture, and character to your space. 

Handcrafted with care by skilled women artisans in a rural community of Bangladesh, the Puspa wall hanging reflects our commitment to ethical design. Made from strips of seagrass and hand-twisted jute twine, intricately woven onto two bamboo rings, this piece is beautifully finished with three rings of woven jute twine detailing. Every piece supports a genuine Fair Trade partnership, ensuring fair wages and safe, sustainable employment for the talented artisans behind each creation. It's Fair Trade in action, empowering communities and showcasing the beauty of traditional craftswomanship.

Offering a modern twist on traditional artwork, the Large Puspa Wall Hanging is perfect for commanding attention in an entryway, filling expansive walls in open-plan rooms or stairwells, or serving as a compelling focal point above a bedhead or fireplace. Meanwhile, the Small Puspa brings personality and a contemporary earthy aesthetic to smaller living areas, children's rooms, or even narrow walls. For an even more striking visual impact, consider pairing both sizes together.

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