Our Team


The Dharma Door is a global company that works with creatives, professionals, artisans and business people around the world. Our core team of three works closely with businesses and individuals throughout Australia – including our warehouse & logistics partner, talented photographers and trusty bookkeeper – while our partners in Europe share our products there. 





Shannon Sheedy

Shannon's innate determination and vision has enabled her to grow The Dharma Door to where it is today. In addition to steering the brand's overall direction, Shannon designs The Dharma Door's products, so her mind is constantly buzzing with new ideas and possibilities!

Experience in developing every aspect of the business since 2004 means Shannon has a keen understanding of the importance of building positive long-term relationships with customers, collaborators and artisan partners. Her desire to make a meaningful contribution through Fair Trade, combined with the positive changes she has seen in artisan communities, motivate her through the day-to-day. She relishes every step of the process, and is passionate about sharing what she has learnt along the way.



Mick Sheedy

Sharing the ride with Shannon since The Dharma Door began, Mick joined the business full-time when the couple moved to the Byron Bay hinterland in 2013. Down to earth and practical by nature, his focus lies in the financial, operations and day to day management of the business. Mick is also the first point of contact for our stockists and online shoppers.

With a previous career supporting people who live with mental health issues, Mick’s sense of humour and compassion bring a wonderful sense of calm to the everyday. His love of music ensures there is always a soundtrack for a great vibe in the studio.




Maya joined The Dharma Door team in 2007 at the tender age of 6 months. She immediately injected a sense of fun through her antics - including burying our lunch - earning her the esteemed role of CFO ‘Chief Funster Officer’. Always by Shannon or Mick’s side, she never misses a beat and loves walking to and from work through the gardens on our property. As she enters her twilight years, she is credited for making sure we never work overtime in the studio because she insists that 5pm is her dinner time.



The Dharma Door Europe - Robert and Lise Guilford

With combined careers in social work, pharmacy and electronics, Robert and Lise share an absolute passion for interior design. Based in Denmark, they get to appreciate Scandinavian design on a daily basis and have been enjoying introducing the natural materials and palette of The Dharma Products to the European market since 2016.

They have come a long way in a short time. As long-time supporters of the business, they were particularly attracted to being able to positively contribute to the well being of the artisans and their communities. To relax, the couple enjoy family down time with their two boys, short walks in the forest and keeping fit.