Care Guide | Clay Beads, Garlands, Tassels and Jute Coat Hangers

Care Guide | Clay Beads, Garlands, Tassels and Jute Coat Hangers

The Dharma Door collection of natural decorative items includes our Clay Beads, Woven Flower Garlands, Amtali Tassels and Jute Coat Hangers. These pieces are an easy way to add natural texture, interest and warm tones to your home styling. Small decorative objects that are crafted from natural fibres and materials tie together a neutral colour palette. Often variegated by nature and displaying the qualities of being handmade, they carry their own subtle mix of natural colours and tones. That’s why they work really well with other natural elements in the room - from soft linen, cotton and sheer drapery to more sturdy elements like wood, stone and whitewashed or rendered surfaces. Using these items throughout your home helps to add layers of texture and tone, which ultimately makes for a richer space, without things feeling too fussy or cluttered.

Each decorative item in our collection has been designed and  handcrafted to last. We select the highest quality raw materials and make sure our artisan partners maintain our quality standards throughout production, ensuring our pieces will stand the test of time. Because our Clay Beads, Woven Jute Garlands, Amtali Tassels and Jute Coat Hangers have all been handcrafted by Fair Trade artisans in small village communities in Bangladesh, they are one of a kind and reflect the unique style of the artisan who made it. We believe that this is part of the special appeal of handmade products and hope you will appreciate the individuality of each piece as much as we do.



With a little care, you will be able to make the most of your decorative items. Here are a few simple tips:

  • Keep them clean with regular dusting.
  • Prolonged sunlight and water can alter the colour and strength of natural fibres and grasses, so be sure not to leave your decorative item outside or in a position where it will be exposed to direct sunlight or damp for extended periods.

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