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Sculptural and organic in appearance, the handwoven Mira Basket in Large is designed to be a stylish and functional laundry or toy basket. Wherever you choose to style this basket in your home, it will add warmth, visual interest and an element of story-telling thanks to its beautiful shape and the texture of natural woven palm fibre.  

Featuring a practical fitted lid, place the Mira Basket on the floor or under a console or bench to keep your belongings stowed away, while still being easily accessible. The height and firm structure of the Mira basket is ideal for holding worn clothes between washes in the laundry, bathroom or bedroom; as a toy basket for children to access and easily tidy their toys; or as an attractive storage solution in any room.

Handmade by fair trade artisans in a village community of Bangladesh, each Mira Basket is assembled by bundling kaisa grass; wrapping them in fine strips of date palm fibre and coiling and weaving them into shape. The women who make these pieces work from home or in communal areas of their village and a genuine Fair Trade partnership ensures they are paid fairly for their time and skills, among many other benefits.

Looking to match the Mira with other baskets from our palm fibre collection for a cohesive styling story in your home? Try the the Mira Basket in Small, the low, round Jala Basket or the smaller Dhali Baskets and Buna Baskets

  • Diameter at widest point: 45cm (17.7in)
    Height: 56cm (22in)
    - Note: Minor variations in the size and shape may occur due to the handmade production of this item. Please keep this in mind if selecting this item to fit in joinery or shelving.
  • - Hand harvested and bundled kaisa grass.
    - Fine strips of date palm fibre are wrapped around the kaisa grass as the baskets are coiled and woven into shape using a large needle.
  • - Palm fibre may change colour if exposed to prolonged direct sunlight.
    - To clean, we suggest you shake or vacuum them to dislodge dirt or dust particles.
    - These baskets are robust and will withstand some condensation however we do not recommend placing wet object in the baskets.
    - For water-based spills, blot with kitchen paper or an absorbent cloth as soon as possible and allow them to dry. Do not rub stains or spills from your basket, as this may spread the stain. Please note that oil-based or brightly coloured spills/dyes may stain and may not be easily removed - we recommend trying the above methods with a gentle eco-friendly cleaner.

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