Aarna Wall Hanging

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Introduce natural ambience to your interior with the Aarna Wall Hanging. Crafted from hand-twisted hemp twine, this piece of wall art showcases two different crochet techniques, creating layered texture and a floaty, draped effect on your wall. Its natural fibres and loose weave lend a laid-back, yet sophisticated character, perfect for breathing life and depth into your space.

Ideal for those who appreciate the beauty of handcrafted pieces, the Aarna Wall Hanging drapes from the included bamboo rod that enhances its earthy, organic charm. Suited to spaces like a living or dining room wall, or a stairwell, it's a subtle yet impactful addition to any space, infusing it with warmth, texture, and a story of craftswomanship.

Meticulously handcrafted by women artisans in a small village of Bangladesh through a genuine Fair Trade partnership, this piece represents a fusion of traditional skills and ethical artistry.

          • - 3 panels: 50cmW x 65cmH / 60cmW x 70cmH / 65cmW x 100cmH. Note: this piece can be custom made to any size. Email us with your preferred size and we will provide a quote:
          • - 95cm / 37.4in long bamboo hanging rod is included - visit HANGING for more information
          • - Hand-twisted natural hemp
            - Two different crochet techniques
            - Designed by The Dharma Door and handmade by women artisans in a small village community in Bangladesh. A genuine Fair Trade partnership ensures the women who make these hangings are paid fairly, provided with consistent work and safe working conditions, among a host of other benefits that are in keeping with the Ten Principles of Fair Trade.
          • - When you receive your wall hanging the panels will be rolled around the rod. The panels are designed to be flexible and have a draped, organic appearance. If you would like the wall hanging to sit a little flatter, you may need to fold the corners back a few times
            - The three panels have hanging loops attached at the top however they can be moved and adjusted to whatever position you choose
            - Hemp may change colour in the sun, so be sure to keep your wall hanging clear of direct sunlight to prevent it from yellowing
            - To clean, we suggest take your wall hanging outside on a dry day and shake it to remove dust particles
          • - This wall hanging is supplied with a 95cm / 37.4in long bamboo hanging rod
            You may prefer something better suited to your interior style such as a branch or piece of driftwood; copper or brass rod; or a piece of rope
            - You will require two hooks to attach it to the wall at each end
            - This wall hanging weighs approximately 3kgs so be sure to use suitable wall plugs and hooks for this weight