Entryway Style Tips to Create a Warm Welcome

Welcoming entryway with Dharma Door jute rug and handwoven jute baskets for organisation

A gorgeous entryway is a great way to greet guests and provide you and your family with that warm ‘welcome home’ each day. This is the spot in your house where first impressions are made; a few thoughtful decor placements can make all the difference. It’s also a high traffic zone – the most obvious place to drop shoes, bags, scarves, hats and keys – so it works well to integrate practical storage elements that can also play a part in the overall decoration of the space.

Setting the tone for the rest of your house, the entrance to your home provides a quick snapshot of your personal style. Because it is a relatively small area, it is an easy place to experiment and flex your design muscle by choosing one well-considered furniture item, a few storage options, greenery, artwork and a few objects that hold special meaning to you. With all of this in mind, we’ve put together some key ways you can really bring this area to life.

Hooks in an entry way with handwoven jute baskets for organisation and string hemp bag hanging on hook. Entryway console table with round jute rug, woven mandala wall hanging.

First, add a bench seat or console

Bench seats, hall tables and consoles provide an anchor for entrances - holding space for all of the other items to come. If this is where your family likes to drop their shoes and belongings, it can help to have a spot to sit - think vintage wooden pieces, custom-made options that contain shelves or under-seat storage or go for some clean and contemporary lines.

Entryway bench with woven jute basket for organisation. Entryway with hooks with jute totes hanging and jute entryway rug on the floor.

Hooks are great for display and storage

Positioning a group of individual wall hooks or a long coat rack at your entry provides a place for everyone to immediately tidy your go-to bags, hats and scarves. You may like to make a feature of these practical pieces by also draping decorative items and natural elements such as our natural Amtali Grass Tassels, Jute Coat Hangers or a strand of handcrafted Clay Beads for an earthy touch.

Adding other elements from nature, such as strands of shells and feathers can really dial up a sense of raw luxury. Rotating these items with the seasons is a nice way to keep things fresh and interesting.

Entryway bench with woven jute basket for organisation. Entryway with hooks with linen fabric and string bag hanging.

Place an artwork, mirror or natural hanging

Adorn the walls of your entry with an artwork, large mirror to reflect the light or a hand crafted natural wall hanging. Or perhaps a combination of all three! Woven fibres work well with other natural finishes, so they will pair perfectly with that wooden console or bench, providing warmth to the area where you will welcome visitors. Because this is the first place you will see as you enter each day, it’s nice for these pieces to have a meaningful story that you and others can appreciate it time and again.

Door handle with decorative broom hanging. Woven grass wall hanging in entry way hallway with jute floor runner.

Delineate the area with a quality floor runner

A well-placed floor runner will ground the space and lead the eye into the rest of the house. Woven floor rugs are a great way to add texture and natural tones to a home, with delicate shapes and patterns to add subtle layers of interest. Quality jute runners are also surprisingly soft underfoot, crafted to stand the test of time and handle all of the foot traffic this space inevitably receives.

Woven tassel wall hanging on white wall. Entryway with textured jute runner.

Small baskets double as catch-alls and decoration

Groupings of baskets on your chosen console, a small stool or seating bench are the ideal spot for keys, saving you that last-minute rummage to find them each time. Small woven baskets are also a great way to display collections of objects that tie in with other elements in the space that speak about your own personal history. Arranging baskets alongside favourite photos and other handmade objects will keep your special moments top of mind and help to celebrate them regularly.

Entryway with jute hallway rug and textured grass wall hanging. Entryway table with jute baskets used to organise items.

Floor baskets also add form and function

As we mentioned earlier, the entrance to your home is the obvious place for everyone to drop items like shoes, bags and umbrellas. Positioning one or a few quality baskets by the door will help to keep these items in order, whilst also enhancing the space with their beautiful texture and artisanal feel. Groupings of baskets work really well for this purpose - particularly under seating benches and on lower console shelves, keeping the contents out of sight, so all that can be seen is the beauty and texture of the natural woven basket.

Entryway with plant in jute plant basket. Entryway table with plants in woven jute baskets.

And finally, invite the outdoors in with plants and other natural elements

A fresh, thriving plant at your entry is an obvious choice as it can help to breathe life into the space and keep it feeling fresh and relaxed. If you have the space, large floor plants work well alongside consoles, cornering artworks or in their own dedicated nook. Tall woven baskets are a great way to display your favourite plants. Smaller plants work well as part of your decorative vignette - there’s a range of baskets that really suit this purpose too. To keep your green friends healthy and appealing, be sure to water them as needed, give them a little clean to remove dust once in a while and rotate them with others if they seem to need a different spot for a while.


Hooks on wall with hanging jute baskets, Decorative broom on entryway bench. Woven jute storage basket with fabric inside.

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