How to Use Baskets in Your Bathroom - Styling & Storage Tips

Jute storage baskets used in a bathroom vanity.

We're spoilt for choice when it comes to designing modern bathrooms. From rendered walls to bold tapware to tiles in every shape, colour and texture, the sky's the limit when it comes to putting your own personal stamp on this space. Bathrooms are one of the most well-used rooms in the home so the surfaces and objects we choose for them are essentially hard and durable by nature. This is why jute baskets work well to add some much-needed warmth and texture while creating a more relaxed feeling for our daily bathing rituals.

Storage baskets are also practical when used in the bathroom. They are a fantastic way to store the items you need to keep close at hand, whilst keeping them out of sight, so it is easier to keep the room clean and tidy. The Dharma Door collection of natural baskets has been designed with functionality in mind, so can be used to hold your laundry, towels, make-up, jewellery, accessories, skincare and cleaning products. They sit well on a countertop, corner, shelving or under cabinets – placed solo or in groupings – and serve their purpose in bathroom drawers and cupboards. For a touch of nature, these versatile items are a gorgeous way to display your favourite potted plant or foliage from your garden.

So whether you have just in the stages of decorating a freshly renovated bathroom, looking for ways to refresh your existing bathroom or simply want to make the room run more smoothly, we've put together some suggestions on how to use each basket size in your bathroom, along with some helpful feedback from others and a few inspirational images to get those ideas flowing.

Medium jute storage basket used in a bathroom for storing towels, cosmetics and cleaning products.

Large baskets are ideal for storing laundry or a statement plant

We all need a way to store laundry and baskets are a beautiful way to do just that. All of the baskets in The Dharma Door laundry basket collection have been designed with durability in mind and will easily hold a week's worth of laundry in style. Space allowing, these tall baskets are also a great way to display a large tropical plant - a great way to bring this well-used room to life!

Beautiful! I just bought another one of these beautiful baskets. It's sturdy and has such a lovely warmth and texture to it. I love the size, it's great as a laundry basket, and I also have a large indoor plant in one. Wish I could have one in every room of the house!

~ Karlee Hannan

Large jute storage basket used in a bathroom for storing laundry.

Use medium jute baskets to store towels, cosmetics & cleaning products

Our collection of medium baskets work well as storage for all of the bits and pieces used in the bathroom. Place them in cabinets, or line them up in rows underneath to sort washing items as you go. For smaller, simple spaces, medium baskets are an attractive way to roll and store towels. This is also a lovely way to leave out a towel and washer for your guests.

Wonderful bathroom storage! I ordered 6 of these baskets to fill some space under the vanity in both my bathrooms. I used to have packets of toilet paper under there and it bothered me every time that I could see it and it looked messy.

I already owned other Dharma Door baskets so I knew they’d be excellent quality. When I received my order I was still blown away at how beautiful they are! The photos don’t do them any justice as they look so much more textural in real life. I am so happy to see them when I walk in to my bathrooms, they add soft elements to a space filled with cold surfaces. A worthwhile investment for more storage!

~ Katie Shew

Small jute storage basket used in a bathroom for storing accessories, cosmetics and beauty tools.

Small woven baskets are the ideal hold-all for accessories, cosmetics & beauty tools

Whether you like to keep them on the counter top for daily use or prefer to store your accessories, cosmetics and tools tucked away, small baskets can help to keep these elements in order. From hair ties to cotton buds, jewellery to nail polish, these items can be organised attractively in available alcoves, shelves and drawers and look great on display when paired with a few other natural or woody elements.

Couldn't be more in love. I had originally purchased 2 of the trays, and ended up buying 2 more. These look fantastic in my bathroom, they add a touch of elegance to storing all of the essentials! They even fit my folded towels perfectly! Couldn't recommend these products more!

~ Sophie Lee

Striped jute storage basket used in a bathroom for storing towels.

Interior tips

- Use the Woven Pot Duo to to hold potted plants on the vanity top or a shelf

- Hold toilet rolls in the Woven Pot - Large or Short Round Basket - Natural

- Store your daily moisturiser, cleanser and a few must-have beauty items in the Trio of Baskets. This will keep them tidy, close at hand and easy to pick up when cleaning

- Arrange the Seafarer Laundry Basket and Small Seafarer Basket side by side so you can seperate delicate items as you go 

- Group a set of Small Rectangle Baskets under the counter so your weekly washing can be sorted on the spot, saving you a weekly task

- The Sona Square Basket will hold tall shampoo bottles, hairspray and cleaning products with ease

Bathroom baskets

How to care for your bathroom baskets

The Dharma Door baskets have been handmade – from start to finish – by Fair Trade Artisans, so they are crafted to last. With a little gentle care, they can be used in your bathroom for many years to come. You'll find some simple care suggestions in the Care Tab of each item.




Bathroom baskets

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