How Woven Wall Hangings Enhance a Space

woven wall hangings - how they enhance any space. Natural jute tassel jumbo wall hanging on white wall.

Wall hangings and pieces of art have the potential to transform a space. When chosen well these items can bring a room to life and speak volumes about your personal style. They can set the tone for the rest of your interiors, tie together colour themes and provide a talking point for others. In some instances, they can add a touch of drama and individuality. We engage with these pieces every day, so it is worthwhile taking the time to consider how they will work before purchasing.
Items used to decorate your walls can also have a huge impact on how you feel. Soft, woven objects have the ability to turn a house into a home by adding a layer of texture, tone and comfort. The Dharma Door collection of handmade wall hangings are crafted from sustainable natural fibres by Fair Trade artisans, so they have the added benefit of being a healthy and nourishing addition to your home that bear the marks of its maker.

We often hear that people are looking for an alternative to artwork or prints - something more modern and unique. Wall hangings are often an affordable alternative to traditional artworks. It’s a lot to think about, so we’ve put together a list of how woven wall hangings can be used to enhance a space, making them a welcome addition to your home.

woven wall hanging - handmade palm leaf wall hanging hung on bamboo pole. Tell a Story

One of the defining characteristics of a treasured piece is that it continues to evoke and inspire long after its initial purchase. Because these items are prominent in our everyday lives, they work best when we have a relationship with them. In addition to providing ongoing visual stimulation, these qualities can come about through connection - either with the story behind the piece, its creator, or its making.

I love the gorgeous natural products and authentic style of The Dharma Door. What I appreciate most though is knowing that there’s a truly meaningful story behind the products and each of the Artisans. I love knowing I’m supporting women and I appreciate their talents - there is a feeling of joy and gratitude looking at their work. ~ Jayne

woven wall hanging - circular woven grass wall hanging on plain white wall with woven jute basket and vase in front of it.Make a Statement

Artwork and wall hangings provide a focal point to a room, frequently serving as a starting point for other decoration and adornment. Used as a room’s hero piece, wall hangings can add either bold or calming strokes. They can provide a grounding element to hard and cool surfaces in clean and contemporary spaces. Used boldly, they add volume to industrial, farmhouse and neutral settings. A strong bohemian vibe can be achieved by adding layers of texture and greenery. And for those who prefer a timeless or minimalist approach, a woven wall hanging placed thoughtfully alongside treasured pieces of furniture and other hand crafted objects is often all that is required.

I have loved your wall hangings for years now as well as your timeless styling using natural materials. We are building our forever home and I definitely want to purchase the Jumbo Tassel Wall Hanging as my first piece of artwork for the walls. ~ Kelly

woven wall hanging - round handwoven mandala wall hanging on plain white wall with sofa and cushions in the background.Fill Large Walls, Soften White Spaces

Because The Dharma Door wall hangings are crafted from natural fibres, they add a layer of softness and depth. The large scale of some of these hangings also make them a fantastic tool to fill in large walls and interiors with a lot of white. In both instances they help to ground a space - creating an overall feeling of balance. For these reasons, wall hangings work particularly well in entryways, halls, lounge rooms and as the hero item in the main bedroom.

I work as an interior stylist and will often introduce pieces that ground a room and make it more ‘real’ and accessible, which I think natural materials will do . Your rugs and wall hangings are a go to for me. ~ Deni

woven wall hanging - woven palm leaf wall hanging with fringe on white wall.

Layer Texture, Tone & Warmth

For those who prefer a neutral palette, wall hangings help to layer texture and tone to prevent a space from feeling stark or flat. When combined with natural linens, cushions and other woven items, these wall hangings help to create a feeling of abundance and warmth and contribute to the sense of harmony we all look for during our down time.

What mostly appeals to me about The Dharma Door is the beautiful natural textures that you use… love the raw and natural feel of everything you make. I have a beautiful large wall hanging in our home. It just warms up the space and I love telling the story of where it's from and the artist who made it. ~ Tegan

Benefit from Better Acoustics

Because our wall hangings are crafted from natural fibres, they help to absorb sound - something that works particularly well in large spaces, or those that use a lot of tiles and concrete. Due to its large scale, The Jumbo Tassel Wall Hanging has been used particularly well for this purpose - even proving its worth in more commercial settings.

woven wall hanging - round handwoven mandala wall hanging on plain white wall with light wood console table in front of it. Invest in Quality, Handmade Items

The Dharma Door wall hangings are handmade – from start to finish - by Fair Trade artisans. These women often learn craft skills from family or community members and have undergone significant training before they commence making each piece. Once complete, every hanging is quality checked, a process we are committed to because we know that quality items are ultimately investment pieces that can stand the test of time.

I love the natural materials you use and I really appreciate the transparency. High quality and timeless design is so important to me. I buy for life so these are qualities I really value! I love the grass tassels hanging on my wall and knowing how ethical and sustainable they are makes me appreciate the intricate design even more. ~ Olivia

woven wall hanging - split image of round mandala wall hanging and one of our fair trade artisans in Bangladesh weaving a wall hangingGood for People, Good for Planet

There is something comforting about living with natural materials that are free from chemicals. They can make us feel a little bit more connected to the environment, which in turn benefits our health and well being. 

By choosing sustainable materials we make an important choice to take care of our environment and the people who make the objects that decorate our homes. The Dharma Door wall hangings are crafted from natural fibres that are grown free of chemicals and pesticides. The natural processes used to treat the fibres once they are harvested and prepared for weaving means that they are also safe for artisans to work with.

Knowing who is behind the people who make the objects that adorn our spaces can add meaning and depth. It is these stories that often come to mind as we enjoy and appreciate a piece, giving them an active and special place in our homes.




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