Styling Tips to Elevate Your Laundry Room

Styling Tips to Elevate Your Laundry Room


The laundry room is often overlooked or left until last when it comes to styling, but there are a few simple things we can do to elevate and add personality to this space. Although this room is often unseen by guests, it can still be a place that continues the decor style of the rest of your home. Across a week, we can spend so much time in our laundry, especially if you have a large family, so it’s worth making yours a space you enjoy being in.

Utilitarian by nature, laundries have easy-to-clean surfaces that are typically cold, so adding elements of woven texture can help to create warmth and soften hard edges. Usually the smallest room of a home, it’s best to make sure these decorative and tactile pieces also offer a practical purpose so they’re not taking up valuable space. With this in mind, we’ve put together some key styling tips to help you achieve this in your own laundry, whether you’re renting or own your home. 


Three Birds Renovations Laundry Styling with Natural Jute Baskets

Tall Laundry Baskets

The most obvious place to start is with a handwoven laundry basket to hold worn clothes between washes. These can be placed on the floor in the corner of your laundry or under an open bench. If space allows, multiple jute laundry baskets are ideal for separating washing, making it easier on wash days. 

Jute laundry basket, The Jamina Jute laundry basket sits next to woven coat hangers in a clean white laundry space

Small Woven Baskets

Styling with a small woven basket is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of texture to your laundry. Place baskets on an open shelf or the bench to hold washing or cleaning products, pegs and any items that you need easy access to. Grouping multiple baskets - like our Sona Square DuoSmall Rectangle Tray Basketor Buna Basket - will create a textural vignette and a point of interest in your laundry giving you a visual moment of pleasure each time you enter the space. 


Small Jute Laundry Baskets sit on Shelves in Kyal & Karas laundry, and shot by The Palm Co in a clean laundry space

Medium Sized Woven Baskets

Medium sized baskets are great for carrying from the laundry to other areas of the home. Place folded clothing, towels or sheets in our Small Rectangle Basket, Sona Rectangle or Sona Square Basket and Seafarer Baskets. Having one for each family member or room might encourage others to put their own laundry away too! This size also fits within most standard joinery, adding texture to cabinetry and providing a practical and flexible storage option that can be moved between rooms as needed. 


Laundry styling with jute baskets  

Clothes Hangers & Decorative Objects

If you have an open clothes rail in your laundry, some decorative clothes hangers made of natural materials like rattan or jute are ideal for hanging items during ironing or drying. Purely for decorative purposes, you could also hang some smaller objects that are made of tactile or natural materials from door handles or on a wall hook. Being small, these pieces won’t impede on valuable space but will help to ground your space and add interest. Try our Amtali Tassels or Clay Beads for this purpose. Or hang your favourite woven string or jute bag on a hook as a simple way to add a textural touch when you’re not using them. 


Three Birds Renovations Laundry styling with woven coat hangers

Jute Floor Runners and Mats

Tiled or concrete floors may be easy to clean, however they can be hard underfoot, especially if you need to stand in one spot for a prolonged period. A woven floor mat or runner will help to soften the overall feel of a laundry room, while adding much needed comfort underfoot. Our Lahari Floor Runners are a textural combination of jute and cotton and at three metres long, they will suit a longer, galley style laundry. Or for smaller spaces, try our Badami or Amada Jute Mat - the warm natural tone of these floor mats will suit many decor styles.  

Plants & Foliage

Indoor plants and foliage help to blur the boundaries between hard surfaces, making things feel more harmonious. Bring life to your laundry by grouping plants in baskets of different shapes or sizes on a shelf - the Woven Pot Duo and Trio of Tall Grass Baskets have been created specifically for this purpose. 

Plants in Jute baskets  

Simple, yet essential

Sometimes it’s the simplest or smallest things that bring us pleasure. Investing in a beautiful hand loomed cotton or linen hand towel to hang in your laundry will add to the overall styling of the space and add a touch of luxury for you. Likewise, a deliciously-scented hand wash that you enjoy using or a candle will enhance your experience while spending time in your laundry.  



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Kyal & Kara, Three Birds Renovations, Jessie Prince, The Palm Co (L), Kyal & Kara (R), The Palm Co for Oak & Orange, Three Birds Renovations, Jessie Prince and styling by Jason Grant (L),  Villa Styling and Katie Sargent (R), The Palm Co.


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