Inspiration | Using Woven Baskets for Storage and Style

Inspiration | Using Woven Baskets for Storage and Style

Baskets have always been a part of our lives. Humans have long favoured them to carry and store our belongings because the beautiful natural fibres they are crafted from are readily available, strong and long-lasting.

Handcrafted the world over, woven baskets evoke a feeling of culture and introduce elements of storytelling and character to our homes. When styled in a room, they add layers of purposeful texture and style and help to make our house feel like a home. 

When it comes to storage, the possibilities are endless. Handwoven baskets can cover a variety of storage solutions across our homes with aplomb. Over time, their use often changes as our household layouts, needs and taste shift. So in this comprehensive guide, we’ve shared some of our favourite ways to use them at home and work, breaking them down room-by-room.


Woven basket in bathroom with bathtub 


Choosing a quality laundry basket to hold your clothing between washes is a great investment. You may also like to add a variety of different-sized baskets to store make-up, jewellery, accessories, skincare and cleaning products. Use them to keep these items close at hand, but out of sight, so it is easy to keep this busy room clean and tidy. 

Place a small or medium sized basket on it's own or group them together to create ample storage under a counter or on an exposed shelf. While appearing decorative, this clever tactic will help to conceal toilet rolls, hairdryers and rolled towels. Because bathrooms are full of hard surfaces, a handwoven basket will also bring a much-needed touch of texture.

For more tips, read How to Use Baskets in Your Bathroom.


"We always specify baskets for our interior styling clients. They are a must-have for us in certain scenarios. They are the perfect item to add texture to a space, use as a laundry basket or use as children’s toy storage so living spaces or bedrooms don’t have to feel overrun and cluttered. Small baskets are ideal for use in bathrooms for storage of toiletries, for shoe storage in entryways and mudrooms and to create scale, variation, storage and texture for styling open shelving.” ~ Catherine Heragthy, Director & Interior Stylist, THE STABLES 


Woven baskets in bathrooms 


The kitchen is one of the most well-used spaces in the home so purposeful styling is the key to creating a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our homes today are often designed with kitchens in full view from other areas so it is important that our kitchen decor choices tie in with the overall interior decor. 

Styling with small woven baskets is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of warmth and texture to your kitchen. Grouping multiple jute or palm fibre baskets on open shelving or on the bench will create visual interest while serving a practical storage purpose. Use them to hold items you need to keep within close reach like cooking tools, garlic or spices. Medium-sized jute bowls and baskets are ideal for storing your weekly fruit and produce or to keep table linens, placemats and cookbooks in one easy-to-find place. These can be placed on the bench, on under-bench shelving or in the pantry to keep things organised. And consider a special place for a well-placed basket to hold a potted plant or herb.

Like to entertain? Carry plates, utensils and linen to the table in a basket when dining with friends - also great when serving larger crowds buffet-style.

For more tips, read Inspiration | Kitchen Styling Ideas.

Woven baskets styled in a kitchen
Woven baskets for kitchen and dining



Utilitarian by nature, laundries have easy-to-clean surfaces that are typically cold, so adding elements of woven texture can help to create warmth and soften hard edges. Usually the smallest room of a home, it’s best to make sure these decorative and tactile pieces also offer a practical purpose so they’re not taking up valuable space. 

Start with a handwoven laundry basket to hold worn clothes between washes. This can be placed on the floor in the corner of your laundry or under an open bench. If space allows, multiple jute laundry baskets are ideal for separating washing, making it easier on wash days. 

Medium sized baskets are great for carrying folded clothing, towels or sheets from the laundry to other areas of the home. Having one for each family member or room might encourage others to put their own laundry away too! This size also fits within most standard joinery, adding texture to cabinetry and providing a practical and flexible storage option that can be moved between rooms as needed. 

Styling with a small woven basket is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of texture to your laundry. Place baskets on an open shelf or the bench to hold washing or cleaning products, pegs and any items that you need easy access to. 

Tip: Arrange a laundry basket and smaller basket side by side so you can separate delicate items as you go. For more tips, read Styling Tips to Elevate your Laundry Room.

Woven Baskets for Laundry Room



Homelife can be busy and the simple act of living creates a spread of belongings in no time. Children’s toys, books and more utilitarian items like TV remotes and devices can quickly overtake an otherwise harmonious space. Developing an easy approach to keeping these items in check is a good way to restore a sense of balance.

Positioning a beautiful basket in the rooms that are used by the whole family helps to maintain a level of tidiness and organisation. By placing baskets throughout  living areas and thoroughfares – under the coffee table, at the end of  your sofa, in the hallway – they stand ready to gather scattered items as needed. 

Your lounge room is one of the most popular spots to read, relax and enjoy watching some TV or a movie. It’s handy to have a few quick-tidy options to hold spare cushions and throws, magazines and toys. Place a basket alongside a comfy couch or armchair to keep them close. Or if you have a coffee table and prefer things out of view, nestle a lower basket under your coffee table. Baskets are also a really attractive way to store firewood and kindling.

For smaller items such as remote controls, place them in a small, low basket as a permanent fixture on your coffee or side table. A grouping of baskets can straddle functional and decorative items.

For more tips on how to use baskets for style and storage in your living spaces, read Tidy Your Home with Style in 5 Minutes Using Jute Baskets.

Jute baskets in living roomsWoven jute baskets for living room storage


"We use baskets in a couple of ways in our work. The first is for storage solutions in spaces that require a new element or change in materiality. The other way we use baskets is to add a layer of texture to a space. The relaxed, handmade quality of baskets can transform a space from feeling ridged to inviting and comfortable.”~ Georgie Shepherd, Interior Designer, GSiD


A beautiful entryway is a great way to greet guests and provide you and your family with that warm ‘welcome home’ each day. This is the spot in your house where first impressions are made. It’s also a high traffic zone – the most obvious place to drop shoes, bags and keys – so it works well to integrate practical storage elements that can also play a part in the overall decoration of the space. 

Positioning one or a few medium or large baskets by the door, under a console or a bench will help to keep everyday items in check and add an artisanal feel to your entryway. Placing smaller baskets on a console or table by the door creates the ideal spot for keys, saving you that last-minute rummage to find them each time. Small woven baskets are also a great way to display collections of curated objects that speak about your own personal history or style.

For more tips on how to use baskets to style in an entry or mudroom, read How to Design a Mudroom for Function & Style and Entryway Style Tips to Create a Warm Welcome.

Baskets in the entryway and mudroom



Small baskets are a quick-tidy option for jewellery, hand lotion and phones that you like to use or place close each night. Small enough for the bedside table, these woven baskets can add a subtle, decorative touch to your room of rest. If you have little visitors in the morning, placing a basket by your bedside creates the perfect spot to store children’s books and toys. Rotate the contents regularly to keep things interesting!

Guests coming to stay? Make them feel welcome with a basket containing some of the things they will need during their stay. A basket on their bed, chair or dresser with a towel, hand towel and handmade soap are a lovely touch.

Extra cushions and throws or a selection of books and magazines currently on your reading list can be kept within easy reach in a medium or large basket by your bed. This makes things easy when you are making your bed and getting ready for your day and also makes sure these items are kept off the floor during the night. 

Tip: Consider using baskets in your wardrobe to keep things organised like Kyal & Kara have done with our Small Rectangle Jute Baskets below.

Woven baskets in bedroomsJute baskets for wardrobe storage



What makes a wonderful children’s room? A place for play, nurturing and rest, children’s rooms and nurseries are where friendships are formed, secrets are hatched and dreams held. On one hand, these rooms need to offer peace and tranquillity. On the other, fun and imagination. And at the heart of it all, a child’s room needs to function well so that everyone can easily place things and put things back in order as needed.

Having an obvious home for all of your children’s belongings will also help you to teach them how to look after their things and enable them to easily practice their tidying skills over time. Using storage baskets in a variety of sizes is a great way to quickly tidy and we recommend a wide variety of baskets for this purpose: small baskets on change tables and drawers for hairbrushes and ties, tall rattles and skincare; low baskets to store and display collections of toys such as small cars and wooden miniatures; and large baskets for much bulkier items like books, soft toys and dress-ups.

Place cushions, throws and books in a basket by an armchair or bed to make cuddles, reading time and playing on the floor a little more comfortable for everyone.

For more tips on how to incorporate natural storage options into a child’s room, read Storage & Decoration Ideas for Children’s Rooms & Nurseries and Inspiration | Using Natural Fibres to Style Children's Rooms.

Baskets in kids rooms and nurseriesBaskets for kids rooms


"Whenever I style a space, I’m always looking for natural materials and textures to create a layered look. Natural jute baskets provide a warmth and character that only comes from natural fibre and the big bonus is that they’re also functional...In our living room, we have a beautiful bookshelf that is styled with ceramics, books and artworks above, and the lower shelves have baskets with kids toys and blocks. They allow us to use the space as a family room and still allows a cohesive overall look.”  ~ Kara Demmrich, KYAL & KARA 



One of the best things about working from home is the ability to create a relaxed, nurturing environment that is true to your own personality and style. Like other areas of the home, adding a woven element to your office or studio will help the space to feel grounded and add a layer of texture. 

A clean and clear workspace provides valuable headspace and in turn, better workflow, so baskets are a great addition from an organisational perspective. Although every activity will present different needs with regard to storage and the types of objects we need close at hand, it is helpful to group items accordingly.

Use small baskets to store a daily notebook, pens & pencils, small electronic devices and any paperwork that needs tending to. Woven baskets are also an ideal way to store journals, resource materials, inspiring books and any projects you have in progress. Medium sized storage baskets are ideal for displaying in open shelving for easy access, on a table or desktop or under a seating bench.  

For more tips on how to arrange and style a workspace at home, read Inspiration | Refresh Your Work Space at Home and 4 Tried and True Tips for Working from Home.

Jute baskets for workspace & studio storageSmall woven baskets for workspace storage


Indoor plants help to blur the boundaries between hard surfaces - making things feel more grounded and harmonious. Indoor plants help to blur the boundaries between hard surfaces - making things feel more grounded and harmonious. A well-placed plant can provide a focal point in a larger laundry basket, particularly when it sits in an obvious sightline such as by a window or at the end of a hallway.

Group plants in baskets and complementary pots. Or you might like to stagger pots on the floor to work with those on a nearby sideboard. Keep things visually appealing by experimenting with combinations of texture, colour and form. And play with heights to create interest. Mix things up by combining plants and baskets with other natural forms, such as branches and raw, decorative items. Or create a vignette of small plants and mementos to cultivate meaningful arrangements in your home.

For more inspiration, read Decorate Your Home with Plants to Create Your Own Indoor Sanctuary.

woven jute baskets for plants 

explore the woven basket collection


The Dharma Door was created in 2004 to empower as many people as possible out of the cycle of poverty. We work towards this by partnering with non-profit organisations that support the talented fair Trade artisans who make our collection of quality natural homewares.

Handmade – from start to finish – our baskets have been designed to stand the test of time. These items are part of a larger collection of wall hangings, tableware, decorative items, bags and accessories that all carry the same intentions.

Artisans work alongside other women in shared community workspaces. Sometimes they choose to work from home, where they can also care for their family and tend to daily chores. Although highly skilled, they hail from the poorest and most disadvantaged communities, so access to education, training and health care has been very limited. 

By working with The Dharma Door, these women are breaking this cycle by using their traditional weaving and craft skills. With support from our partners, they are able to better safeguard their family’s health and education and build a brighter future for the next generations.

For care tips, visit How To Care For Jute Baskets.

Jute basket artisan


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